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Pride Haus is a professional Media Production and Engineering Company. Our 30 Years of Video GENIUS has Been Serving Clients Large and Small in every environment.

Pride Haus works with clients to create the best possible end result. Project planning, design and implementation.

We don’t just think that anything is possible we know EVERYTHING is.

We’re known as always going above and beyond what is expected, extremely professional, easy-to-work with, geniuses, flexible to your evolving needs providing top quality media to meet your goals. Including live streaming and multi-camera projects. We make the process for you stress free and understandable.

Aside from a wealth of media knowledge, the ability to adapt to your changing needs, is what separates us from other companies. Having years of varied business experience allows us to understand business goals and produce projects that exceed business objectives.


What We Do?

We are dedicated to designing, building, and delivering high-quality video for a multitude of your business needs.

Live stream

We can capture the in-the-moment excitement that comes with live streaming an event. We create Live, Virtual, and Hybrid events.

video recording

Creating and handling professional video is our passion. It plays major role in your digital business strategy.

Marketing media

A great brand combines design and conveys company’s value messaging to evoke emotion and drive strategy.

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Your message is too important. Make sure it's in the right hands.

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Video is one of the most effective forms of marketing your business. With video, you can reach your desired audience in a way no other media can. Video has always been the most engaging way to capture and convey your message in an exciting and entertaining method. 

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