"I don’t think anything is possible,
I know Everything is."


Carl  Pride


Video Production Genius, yes that’s right that is my role, I have been doing all aspects of Media Production since 1989. I believe in creating win-wins in every event. Once the clear vision is communicated, I dive in to create it; using proven concepts and technologies. If there are things that I am not familiar with my vast team has an answer. For the last 10 years I have primarily worked in the leadership training business which has been an asset to myself learning strategies to produce a better result.

I am a married man, father of 2 wonderful children, and a grandfather of one. Personal relationships are very important to me, and connecting with family and friends is essential to life.

Annually I participate with an organization that creates projects for other non-profits. I enjoy this because I get to give to great causes on a regular basis.

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